TITLE: Up From Zero
CLIENT: Produced for Public Television
Funded by the US Department of Labor
PURPOSE: Broadcast Documentary

Up From Zero is the story of the construction workers who performed the grim but critical task of cleaning up the World Trade Center site following the attacks of September 11. From the time of the collapse of the first tower, until the removal of the last beam, these individuals worked to bring order out of chaos. We hear, first hand, what it was like to be there, how our subjects managed their personal lives and what got them through it all. We follow the threads of our workers’ lives to the present, and in so doing, we see the effects of this horrific event on those in charge of cleaning up after it, as their post-Ground Zero lives emerge.


  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Bronze Telly Award
  • Videographer Award of Excellence
  • Aurora Platinum Best in Show Award

TITLE: Blessed are the Peacemakers
CLIENT: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
PURPOSE: Broadcast Documentary

Blessed are the Peacemakers is a television documentary about people of faith who are working to overcome violence in their communities. The program visits New Orleans, where faith-based community organizers have made remarkable progress in attacking the roots of crime in a troubled city. In Los Angeles, two dedicated men work with young people to help them resist the lure of gangs. In a small town in Wisconsin, women who have experienced the horrors of domestic violence work to help others who face the same problem. “Blessed are the Peacemakers” aired nationally on ABC-TV as part of its Vision and Values series.


  • Videographer Award
  • Aegis Award Finalist
  • ITVA Award of Merit