Issue Advocacy

TITLE: Fighting for a Better Way
CLIENT: National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO
PURPOSE: Convention Keynote / Issue Advocacy

Fighting for a Better Way is the story of the NALC and the union’s efforts to prevent the practice of outsourcing mail delivery by the United States Postal Service. The video features both rank-and-file letter carriers and postal patrons whose routes have been affected by the use of sub-contracted labor. From local street level to hearing rooms on Capitol Hill, the NALC is seen fighting to uphold quality service and the security of the mail as well as protecting letter carrier jobs. The video was shown to a crowd of 10,000 delegates at the union’s 66th biennial convention at the Boston Convention Center.

TITLE: What Goes Around, Comes Around
CLIENT: National Kidney Foundation
PURPOSE: Promotion / Fundraising

This program tells the story of Mark Immerman, a patient with polycystic kidney disease, and his wife Robin Freedenfeld. After years on dialysis and an initial transplant that failed over time, Mark and Robin become part of an historic 6-way domino kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center. We learn the heartrending story of Mark’s family history of the disease and the incredible journey that united Mark and Robin with 10 other individuals in sharing the gift of life. The National Kidney Foundation uses the program for fundraising and to raise pubic awareness about organ donation.

TITLE: Why the Wait?
CLIENT: PICO National Network
PURPOSE: Issue Advocacy / Community Organizing (Video News Release)

Why the Wait? was produced for the PICO National Network, a faith-based organization, that works to effect positive change in challenged communities. In New Orleans, PICO has organized people of faith in their quest to get state and local governments to fund re-building and re-organization in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In most cases, the distribution of government resources has been slow and ineffective. PICO has used this video to bring attention to the problems that still exist in New Orleans years after Katrina devastated the city.

TITLE: Promises to Keep
CLIENT: US Agency for International Development
PURPOSE: Issue Advocacy

Promises to Keep charts the progress made in global child survival since 1990 and encourages continued US support for global child survival programs such as vaccination, polio eradication, and AIDS prevention. The video is used with current and potential sponsors to encourage participation in these programs. Promises to Keep was shown at the United Nations World Summit on Children.


  • Bronze Telly Award
  • Aurora Gold Award